Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am a terrible CT member lately….I seem to have lost some MOJO! and have been withdrawing from any responsibility!! Therefore, I have MANY KITS and MANY layouts to show you!! Please click on each FLYER to check these kits out!!! They are all truly awesome kits and made by awesome designers, all of which are truly beautiful people and understand lil things like LACK OF MOJO!!! I am desperately waiting for it to return!! These are in NO particular order….just a whole lot of awesomeness all lined up!!
gurlzs love small twinss dbd_kitchen_mlas hope jwds_ALittleOne'sLove_kit600 ALOLs paperflowers SOE_Dude!_fullpreview rocks
DJFS_L&G_preview_STS curlzs
Well that pretty much sums up my behind-ness!!!!

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  1. They all look wonderful! Thank you! You are one busy girl!